A compilation of shots from creative people sharing what they love to be inspired by.
Present Looking Back
This is a very little short film that's about the beginning of a day. With the ideas that everyday is new yet still the same with possibilities of change.
Cairns Artist Bronte Naylor's 12 hour show Biro at theGRID Toowoomba Wednesday the 17th of December.
Here is a time-lapse of Velvet Milks exhibition 'Plants and Personal Memories'.
This time-lapse of TheGRID: Hybrid Arts Collective's annual group show 'ALL IN 2' was created of the opening night on the 10th of October 2014. The show has over 140 works by local, state and interstate artists with a wide variety of mediums.
This is a time-lapse of my travels of New Zealand's South Island in early 2014, Used a gopro mounted to the windscreen for three weeks to document the drive.
This is a time-lapse of my pop-up exhibition "unscrumple" curated by Lucy Withers at TheGrid: Hybrid Arts Collective. The show deals with societies need for new and how the mind set is to throw out things when they are broken instead of reusing/recycling with my past memories of my trip to New Zealand.